August Gardening Tips

What can I plant now?
Bedding Plants: Plants that can tolerate the upcoming summer heat such as vinca, gaillardia, bulbine, and coleus.  Make sure they have lots of water keep the plants evenly moist. 
To learn more about planting annuals, click Here.

Herbs: bay laurel, ginger, Mexican tarragon, and rosemary can be planted from plants (but not from seeds) now as they can tolerate heat.  It's helpful to pinch back them regularly to enourage leafy growth.  Click Here to learn more about planting herbs.

Palms:  When the weather is warm and wet, it's a good time to plant palms.  Click Here to learn more about planting palms in your yard.

Vegetables: Tomatoes, lima beans, cucumbers, eggplant, and peppers can be planted now. Looks for signs of disease and insects.  Click Here to learn more about planting vegetables.

Bulbs: Some bulbs that can be planted in the summer months are Aztec lily, butterfly lily, walking iris, and spider lily. Click Here to learn more about planting bulbs.

What maintenance is required this month?

Lawns:  If your lawn is showing signs of stress, be sure to try and figure out the cause of the problem.  Click Here to learn more about insect management for lawns. Click Here to learn more about groundcover.

Palms:  If your palms are yellowing, it might be a magnesium or potassium deficiency and a fertilizer may remedy the situration.  Click Here to learn more about palms.  

Vegetable Garden: The hot summer months are a good time to solarize your vegetable garden.  It takes 4-6 weeks to kill weeds and insects so it's a good ideas to start early.  Click Here to learn more about solarizing your vegetable garden.

Trees:  Look for weak or dead branches to be removed before hurricane season.  Click Here for the International Society of Arboriculture.  Click Here for information about pruning and landscaping trees.

Poinsettias:  Poinsettias and mums should be pinched back before the end of August to promote new buds to grow in the winter. Click Here to learn more about poinsettias.

Annuals and Perennials: Now is a good time to cut back and fertilize annuals and perennials to extend their season into the fall. Click Here to learn about annuals.  Click Here to learn about perennials.

Always good to...
Trim St. Augustine grass at 3-4" high  
Deadhead flowers to promote growth
Check your irrigation system to ensure plants receive enough water

For more information on lawn tips, please visit http://solutionsforyourlife.ufl.edu/lawn_and_garden/

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